III International Congress of

Trends in Educational Innovation

Digital Learning in the post COVID-19 era

December 9-11, 2020

III International Congress of Trends in Educational Innovation

Digital Learning in the post COVID-19 era

About the event

Education in the world is transforming, which is why it is necessary to know, share, analyze and disseminate trends and practices in educational innovation. The International Congress of Trends in Educational Innovation (CITIE) is a space to promote and facilitate experimentation and innovation among teachers, managers, entrepreneurs and all those interested in Education.

We connect with experts, showing them what other educators are doing in terms of educational innovation in different realities to identify resources for the improvement of Teaching – Learning. It seeks to collaborate with colleagues and institutions on common issues, build joint work agreements and provide recognition to those who innovate their teaching practice.

The event aimed at students, teachers, authorities, professionals and the public interested in learning new trends and practices in education technologies. This year will not charge any fee for registration.

We start in:

2020/12/09 08:00:00


1. Digital education

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2. Education and Trends

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3. Innovation and Education

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Eje 1: Digital education

Emma Barrios Ipenza 🇵🇪

Vicerrectora de Desarrollo y Aprendizaje Digital – Universidad Continental 

Davinia Hernádez – Leo 🇪🇸

Full Professor TIDE Group, ICT Department
Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona


Design of informed learning experiences with data analytics

Daniela Melaré Vieira Barros 🇵🇹

Universidade Aberta, Portugal


Personalization of learning in online contexts

Martín Llamas Nistal 🇪🇸

Director of atlanTTic Research Center for Telecomunication Technologies
Universitat de Vigo


From the University of COVID-19 to the University of the Future

Eje 2: Education and Trends

Esteban Walter Gonzales Clua 🇧🇷

Docente de Ciencias de la computación
Universidad Federal Fluminense – Brasil


The Future of Digital Entertainment

John Guerra Goméz 🇺🇸

Northeastern University Silicon valley EEUU


Datos abiertos para Insights abiertos

Jorge Maldonado-Mahuad 🇪🇨

Docente de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Cuenca – Ecuador


NoteMyProgress, a Learning Analytics tool for Self-Regulation of Learning in times of Pandemic

Eje 3: Innovation and Education

F. Javier Murillo 🇪🇸

Director de la Cátedra UNESCO en Educación para la Justicia Social.
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


The challenge of school segregation in Peru

Miguel Nussbaum 🇨🇱

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


Creativity and Critical Thinking: A Need in Our Classrooms

Agustín Adúriz-Bravo 🇦🇷

GEHyD-Grupo de Epistemología, Historia y Didáctica de las Ciencias Naturales, CeFIEC. Universidad de Buenos Aires


«Active» Teaching Strategies for Natural Sciences

Walter Curioso 🇵🇪

Vicerrector de Investigación Universidad Continental


The role of Digital Fabrication Laboratory Networks (Fab Lab) and Educational Innovation in times of COVID-19

3 Dyas

10 exhibitors

10 lectures

Call for Papers

We invite the academic community to submit papers to the III International Congress of Trends in Educational Innovation (III CITIE 2020).

  • Manuscripts (articles, systematic reviews) will be sent in PDF format, according to the template (see below).
  • Submitted manuscripts should not be published or under review in any other national or international conference or publication.
  • Only manuscripts in English will be received. Once the manuscript is accepted, after the peer-review process, the presentation may be done in English or Spanish.
  • Before submitting your manuscript, be sure to check the grammar and avoid typos.
  • All manuscripts will be reviewed and qualified by a high-level international Scientific Committee.
  • Manuscripts will be sent only through the Easy Chair platform (III CITIE 2020).
  • The authors of accepted manuscripts will have 15 minutes for their oral presentation and an additional 5 minutes for discussion.
  • Manuscripts may be: FULL PAPER (10 pages), or SHORT PAPER (6 pages), both must be sent in PDF format, according to the instructions found in the Word or Latex templates (see below).
  • Manuscripts accepted and presented (FULL PAPER and SHORT PAPER) at the CITIE III will be published in CEUR Workshop Proceedings (Open Access) and will be sent to the SCOPUS database for indexing.

Important note

To ensure the publication of the accepted manuscript, at least one of the authors will have to register with the III CITIE, and the manuscript must respect the suggested format and will not exceed the maximum number of pages. In addition, authors of papers who receive recommendations to improve the manuscript, during the review process, should correct them before sending the final version.

Manuscripts will be sent only through the Easy Chair platform (III CITIE 2020).


Correo electrónico: citie2020@continental.edu.pe

Steering Committee

Dra. Emma Barrios Ipenza

Dr. Walter Curioso Vílchez

Klinge Villalba Condori

Organizing Committee

Karen Pérez Maravi

Isabel Chuquillanqui Galarza

Nabilt Moggiano Aburto

Press Committee

Rubi Fox Bazán

Erika Urcia Harlet

Liu Taipe Palomino

Scientific Committee

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year will not charge any fee for registration.

If you have any questions, please contact us.